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Updated: Mar 20

My recent trip to Hawaii was an absolute delight, filled with unforgettable experiences that nourished my mind, body, and soul. Upon arriving, my friends were feeling a bit tired, so I decided to venture out solo for an evening of exploration.

I stumbled upon the Blue Note Hawaii and was mesmerized by the incredible talent of Theo Crocker, a jazz musician whose contemporary style infused with hip-hop vibes proves jazz is alive and well! Accompanied by his phenomenal quartet, including a 21-year-old drummer that goes by Miguel Marcel Russell @jeanmarcelbasquiat. The performance took me on a journey through the future of jazz, leaving me in awe of their skill and pure talent.

After indulging in a night of soulful music, my crew and I went on an adventurous hike to Manoa Falls, where I was reminded of the importance of respecting nature's warnings. Though the falls were breathtaking, signs warning of dangerous bacteria in the water served as a sobering reminder of the delicate balance we must maintain with our environment. Please note water shoes is not the route to take, this entire hike is through rocks and mud. The soles of my feet were on fire due to the thin sole on my water shoes. Wear hiking boots if you take this adventure on your next trip.

Lanikai Beach, was the perfect backdrop for relaxation and reflection. While soaking in the sun and ocean breeze, I couldn't help but notice the annoyance from some locals at our photo shoots and afro beats playlist. Nonetheless, we immersed ourselves in the beauty of the moment, channeling our inner Moana as we swam in the crystal-clear waters.

One of the most inspiring encounters of my trip was meeting a remarkable black woman who had been traveling and surfing since the 1960s. Her joy at seeing more black women exploring the world resonated deeply with me, and our conversation reaffirmed the power of self-love and boldness in creating the lives of our dreams.

Adding to the magic of my trip was the incredible Janet Jackson performance on her "Together Again Tour." Janet's timeless talent and electrifying stage presence left me in awe as she effortlessly danced and sang, proving that age is just a number. Her performance was a testament to the importance of self-care and embracing joy at every stage of life.

Witnessing Janet hit every step with precision and grace was not only inspiring but a reminder that we should all prioritize caring for ourselves as we navigate the journey of aging. Her energy and passion were contagious, igniting a spark within me to embrace life fully and dance with abandon, regardless of age. Janet Jackson's performance was a highlight of my trip, reminding me of the power of music and movement to uplift the spirit and nourish the soul. It was a moment of pure joy and celebration, leaving me feeling inspired to live life to the fullest and cherish every moment of growth and transformation.

Hawaii gifted me with not only breathtaking landscapes and vibrant culture but also invaluable lessons in mindfulness, respect, and empowerment. It was a journey that left me feeling rejuvenated and grateful for the diverse experiences that enrich my life and special friends who are aligned with this journey.

This is your nudge to book a trip and create the life of your dreams! LIVE TODAY!


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