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Must Have Skin Care

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Affordable care products you will love.

Daily Skin Care Routine: A Good Facial Cleanser, Toner, and Moisturizer will change your life.

Having sensitive and troubled skin has been a long hard road. Find a strong skin care routine for your face and body.

Total Body Moisturizer: Glowing and Smelling Delicious

We love good shea butter, some folks make it, but @thebodybutters has mastered it. I have never used a product that I wanted to eat because it smelled so good. The ingredients are all-natural, and I love how the products actually smell how its suppose to. Peaches and Creme smell like peaches and Pineapple Upsidedown Cake (my personal favorite) reminds me of my Aunt Debs Pound cakes.

The texture is whipped, similar to how real butter feels. The oil absorbs into your skin and actually leaves you glowing. I've gifted Birthday Cake and Lingerie to friends and they are addicted to the butters too. Many men seem to be ashy more often than not but that is no longer a problem with the mens moisturizers and body oils. Honestly, you are wasting your money with other brands of shea butters.

Make sure the butter is rubbed all the way in, especially when you wear silks or materials that may pick up oils. Drop my name in the code box for a special discount.

Products for Troubled Skin: Conquering Adult Acne

I have always had skin issues, part of the problem was not knowing everyone needs a skin care routine. I spent so much money on products with ingredients I was allergic to or didn't work. Last summer I was traveling to the SF Jazz Fest to see Wynton Marsalis with a older friend. She kept turning heads, multiple men stopped us and said " I just want you to know your skin looks amazing."

At first I thought it was because "Black don't crack", but then I realized she has a secret weapon. This weapon was called Liz Earle Beauty.

I started using the hot cloth cleanser and I could see all the dead skin come off of my face and into the cloth. My jaw dropped! Right away after the shedding, my skin started changing, the scars reduced and there was an overall POP.

I have NEVER been confident going out without make up. Now for the first time I go anywhere I want without make up and feel just as beautiful. It has been very liberating. I went to a Q&A with Viola Davis and was complimented for how amazing my skin looked. I was like YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!! It felt amazing to heal that inner child who was made fun of for having acne. Take that Snicker Face!

Reduce Scarring and Dark Spots

I think my girlfriend Kyleen, recommended Rosenskin Care a few years back. She has witnessed my struggle and I am so thankful for friends who actually share their beauty secrets. I love the Citrus Vitamins C, which has helped heal and hydrate the skin. It applies really nicely. The Moisturizer for Texture and Scarring has also been nice to pair with the Liz Earle Cleanser. I keep these items on subscription. I love that I don't have to think about ordering more and right when I am running low my new order is in the mail. This is a black-owned product and I love supporting it!

Definitely check out Rosen SkinCare and let me know what you like.

Steaming and Self-Care: The Final Score

After years of struggling to find a system and products that work and don't make adult acne worse. I hope you too, can feel liberated in your natural beauty with a routine that works for you. Make sure you have a steamer and pour vacuum which gets the whiteheads and blackheads out.

The steamer is an essential every woman should have because it will help you relax for a quick spa moment in your bathroom. I am sure you deserve this. You can grab these items in my cart too.

It goes a long way to get professional help with prescribed products like Benozol Peroxide and Tretonine. Prioritize you skin care, after all your skin is the largest organ on your body.

Tap all of the links and create a system that works for you.

The Body Butters (Code: Sakina)

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