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Updated: Jan 29, 2023

How can we find more love in our lives?

After writing my most recent book To Begin: A journey in Self -Love and Healing, I have discovered that sometimes our self-love journey can become self-centered and maybe even selfish. Sometimes people push our buttons and that can put us in a place of frustration. It's a daily practice to work on healing our triggers and areas of pain. As we go into the month of love, let's expand our views on love beyond roses and chocolates and think of ways to practice love towards the common person.

Tip #1 - Practice Compassion.

See others as a reflection of yourself and take judgement and anger out of the situation. Whatever challenge someone is giving you probably isn't really about you. It's about them and their stuff. Compassion allows us to feel a sense of ease and inner resolve towards others.

Tip #2 - Assume Best Intentions.

There is power in learning not to take things so personal. Assuming best intentions allows us to resolve conflict and have difficult conversations without being defensive or angry.

“When we let go of a lot of grief we have been holding over the years, our friends and family will notice." David R. Hawkins, Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender

Tip #3 - Let It Go

At a time when I was really struggling with the changes in my friendships, someone gave me a book called Letting Go, this book has been a great resource in healing and personal freedom. So LETTING GO is the theme for 2023. Make a choice not to be a "fixer" but to let God work some things out for you, just like he said he would. I remember that old church song " Jesus will work it out, IF YOU LET HIM." As a child I didn't understand the power of that song, but now I do. We can't get in the way of God doing his thing in the lives of other people.

Realize You Already Have The Love You Desire.

In the stage of life where we are navigating dating, relationships, the challenges motherhood, and being a #bossbabe. We have to realize that we have to become givers of the kind of love we desire to receive. We often grab last minute items to send to people, but are we using our words in daily life? When was the last time you made a simple call to say I love you?

Giving more love is how we find more love.

Whats Your Love Language ?

My love language is words of affirmation, so of course " Reading is love language."

Grab some valentines day gear for the book lover in your life.

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